Motivation: speed matters

Taken from Couchapp's What the HTTP is CouchApp:

Have you ever been frustrated by a slow website? Filling out forms and waiting even a few seconds for the response can be infuriating. Many users will hit the submit button over and over again, compounding whatever performance issues that are effecting them, while introducing data integrity issues as well. Google, Facebook, and other large competitive web properies know that perceived latency drives user engagement like nothing else, and they invest huge sums to make their sites seem faster.

How to make it fast

Steve’s 14 rules from High Performance Web Sites:

  1. Make fewer HTTP requests
  2. Use a CDN
  3. Add an Expires header
  4. Gzip components
  5. Put stylesheets at the top
  6. Put scripts at the bottom
  7. Avoid CSS expressions
  8. Make JS and CSS external
  9. Reduce DNS lookups
  10. Minify JS
  11. Avoid redirects
  12. Remove duplicate scripts
  13. Configure ETags
  14. Make AJAX cacheable

How to make it faster

Serve it from localhost (using something like CouchDB).