About Us


We are a small company with a passion for software and minimalistic user interfaces.


AntPortal is a business-to-business software development company with experience in developing web-based management software products. These applications include a web-based real time collaborative editor that supports each user having a different view of the same document, an e-mail server providing an interface for complex editing operations on documents and a focused, task-oriented system that tracks the context over the lifetime of a conversation.

Prior work

Our most recent contributions have been to the co-founding and development of Kalibrr, a Y Combinator company that is developing a talent management application for the Business Process Outsourcing industry. (To date, Kalibrr has raised close to $2 million in outside equity funding.)


Our vision of open source protocols, standards and software, our focus on the user experience and our company culture will enable us to build applications that add value to the user and leverage emerging technologies.


We are looking for developers and designers who are interested in working in a relaxed and meritocratic environment. Check out our job postings and send us your resume at jobs@antportal.com.

Founding Team

Danny Castonguay
CEO. Prior to founding the company, Danny was a management consultant for McKinsey & Co. for three years. Danny graduated from McGill university with a Master's in Computer Engineering and holds an MBA from MIT. Language of choice: pseudo code.
Hasan Mirza
CTO. Hasan enjoys working with open source software and loves Org-Mode. He's also decent at Drum Mania. Language of choice: Haskell, and 23 other languages.
Leah Grace Capitan
COO. Leah splits her time running our operations and doing our business development. She is our biggest multi-hatter, from talking to customers to defining requirements to keeping our finances tidy. By far, she is the best-dressed co-founder. Language of choice: Ruby.